“Over 80% of our Members voted for the new state-of-the “art” Art Barn. A testament to the Island’s passion for the arts.”


The soul and spirit of Spring Island can be easily witnessed in the Spring Island arts culture. The artist community serves as a rallying point for all Members and breathes inspiration for camaraderie and personal exploration. The Spring Island artist community plays host to a long list of inspired mediums. Painters find their group with acrylics, oil painting and watercolors. Artistic adventurers can try on or dig into ceramics, printmaking, photography, floral arranging and much more. One thing is true of the arts on Spring Island, if you want to try it, you can bet someone else does too. Exploration of the arts is truly limitless here.


As the artist community on Spring Island grows, the space they call home has as well. With 150 active members, 50% of the residents at Spring Island participate in artists programs of one form or another. Because of this, the new “Art Barn” was erected to accommodate the constantly evolving interests of the Spring Island Membership. The 7,200 square foot complex was designed by well-known Thomas and Denzinger firm and Manuel Studios. The three structures sits on four acres, seamlessly blending into a Live oak grove.
  The main building is home to dedicated gallery space and two 2,000 square foot studios. Building two offers a lounge, the Arts Program’s Director’s office and two studio spaces, one devoted to the popular and unique Artist-In-Residence program. A dedicated kiln shed rounds out the complex. The Members Artist Showcase, held every other year, has a grand new home in this space and parking for 31 cars allows for it to be well-attended. Groundbreaking took place in December 2018 and the building opened in 2020.
Visit the bi-annual art showcase and feel the strength that Members gain from their opportunity to explore these, often until now, hidden talents and expressions. Members from all interests and hobbies come together on this special evening to view the artwork of their neighbors and friends. 
The “Art Barn” is jam packed and the only thing louder than the din of friendly conversation is the talent that emanates from each piece of art. After the showcase, Chef prepares a spread worthy of kings in the River House and all attend. Wandering from table to table, friends are comforted and inspired here.


  • Artist-In-Residence program – monthly workshops from visiting artists
  • Art Barn equipped with kilns, easels, and more
  • 3,000 acres of natural inspiration
  • Supportive community and access to all mediums
  • All are welcome from novice to master
  • New Art facility opened in 2020

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