Of the 3,000 acres of the Spring Island community, over 1,100 of those are owned and protected in perpetuity by the Spring Island Trust. The magic of the Island and its varied natural habitats is thanks to its unique coastal topography and its many years of human use. With so much protected area, the environments can vary greatly on the Island. From the aptly named “African Savanna” to lush Live oak forests, a trip around Spring Island on our elaborate network of walking trails is an inspirational journey through history and nature.

The trails have been an important part of Spring Island’s master plan from the very beginning. Having every residence connected to the 30 miles of trails allows every Member to simply step outside their door and walk anywhere on this 3,000 acre Island as they twist and turn through different habitats. It connects everyone to the land and, in a subtle way, to each other. The educational trails built and maintained by the Trust provide experiences of mystery and discovery, along with opportunities for solitude, camaraderie with friends, and time to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.


  • 19 different kinds of soil
  • 600 species of plants
  • 700 types of fauna
  • Trees: spruce, pine, bluff oak, Live oak, long-leaf pine
  • 30 miles of interconnected trails
  • Prescribed burn program to maintain natural environment

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