“Members take their morning walks through the Farm to learn what crops we have planted and to see the beautiful signs created by our Painters Group. It’s an outdoor food and art exhibit!”


In 1912, Colonel William Copp bought and cultivated the land on Spring Island. Turning it into a working agricultural and livestock farm, Copp employed laborers and built 35 tenant homes to house them. Twenty years ago, an enthusiastic Member brought the Farm back to life and, though a much smaller operation, it remains a wonderful homage to the history of the Island. Waterfall Farm, as it has been affectionately named, is now one of the most popular destinations on Spring Island as more and more people enjoy the “farm to table” lifestyle.
Two employed farmhands and 50+ volunteer Members plant winter and summer crops. About five thousand plants make it into the winter garden and 20 thousand in the summer rows. In congruence with the natural flow of things on Spring Island, enough crops are planted for the deer and raccoons.
Members are not required to volunteer in order to partake of the bounties of the The Farm. Rather, everyone is encouraged to enjoy as much as they want. When the crops are ready for harvest, Spring Island’s Chef is regularly inspired by its farm-fresh options.


  • One of the original tenant farmer cottages has been restored and is maintained by the Trust
  • 6.5 acres of farmland
  • 50+ volunteer Members
  • 2 regular farmhands
  • Five thousand plants in winter
  • 30-40 thousand plants in summer crop
  • Farm has been thriving for 20 years
  • All are welcome to come gather fresh fruits, vegetables and spices from the Farm
  • Community outreach with any remaining produce

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