“…Almost immediately we felt emotionally soothed driving through the miles of natural beauty…”


Earl and I both love living here, we have lived in many places. We bought here for the privacy of the island, and its stunning nature. We are both active and engaged in all the community offers – mostly The Arts Program and Sports. We have both volunteered for many committees and have made wonderful friends here that we may not have met elsewhere. We have met many prospects for dinner and activities and some have purchased homes here. I believe that by coming for a visit on Spring Island, interacting with members and learning about all the activities is what really sells this island.
-Bonnie & Earl M.
Hometown – Chicago, IL

“Bucket Lists” – We all have them thanks to Jack Nicholson. Having retired and become empty nesters all in the same summer, my husband and I were looking for a new place – a sunnier place – to call home. Because of a fortuitous click of the mouse, we found Spring Island. As we perused Spring Island’s website, the images depicted item after item on our Bucket Lists; boating, fishing, golf, horseback riding, clay shooting, art classes, nature classes, and more. And all on one island! Fortunately for us, the virtual reality of the website became real life. Lifelong learning, the adventures and experiences it offers, is the essence of a “Bucket List.” For us, it is also the essence of living on Spring Island. It just doesn’t get better than this.
– Bev & Steve L.  Z
Hometown – St. Louis, MO



I first visited Spring Island by boat as the bridge had not yet been built. There was only one house on the island and a developer’s vision to build a community within nature. The trip around the island that day was nothing short of breathtaking. The beauty and serenity of the low country speaks for itself and Spring Island is its crowning jewel. Of course I was skeptical that you could build a community on the island without disturbing the natural beauty of the island. I now have lived on the island for fifteen years and can say that the extraordinary beauty and abundance of nature still overwhelms me every time I come onto the island. I spend enormous amount of time outdoors primarily fishing, shrimping, boating etc. and Spring Island stands out as a beacon and a testimonial that you can indeed cohabitate with nature. Bravo Spring Island!
– Bill C.
Hometown – Far Hills, NJ

What started out as a welcome relief from unpacking boxes has turned in to a family tradition! A 4th of July parade with golf carts? Two weeks into our move I would have done anything to not unpack a box! So, we wrapped some tinsel on the golf cart, added a flag to the back and drove off to join the parade. When we arrived it was like taking a step back in time. Was this Mayberry?

A fife and drum filled the air as Uncle Sam led the parade from the barn down Mobley Oaks. Children rode their decorated bicycles with families walking alongside them, dressed in their full patriotic spirit…spectators in crazy hats or sun glasses lined Mobley Oaks. Horses that had been hand painted by young and old alike trotted and finally the decorated golf carts followed. We learned the hard way that grandchildren in a decorated cart was probably a prerequisite but what the heck, we were the new kids on the block!

Since that first parade, our children and granddaughter have joined us every year to enjoy a small slice of Main Street, Spring Island style. We invite you to form your family tradition of decorating a bike, a golf cart or yourself and join in the parade.
– Debbie and Peter R.
Hometowns – Livermore, CA & Franklin, MA

This weekend my grandchildren arrived from Chicago. Their first words were, “Grandpa everything is so green, and it is warm. It was below freezing, and everything is brown and gray in Chicago. We just love it here!”

Their joy to be back on Spring Island and their description of the weather in Chicago just reinforces our decision to be part of this wonderful island. I hear the same reaction from other Spring Island members about how much both their children and grandchildren love Spring Island.

We were so happy to miss last winter in Chicago, and the early indications are this winter may be just as bad.

But Spring Island is much more than just the weather. It is a community of great people and a unique island that is unmatched.  Every day, I ask myself, “How fortunate was our family to find Spring Island?”
– Gig & Mary Jane H.
Hometown – Chicago, IL

After the kids graduated from college, David and I had no intention of moving.  We traveled and stayed at many beautiful places but we were always happy to return home.  We were very content. That is, until we discovered Spring Island. It took one visit in March and we knew we had to be back.

Surrounded by astonishingly beautiful nature and warm people, Spring Island exceeds our expectations. We moved here for the privacy and the poetic nature of the marshland.  We quickly realized we gained so much more that; wonderful friends, the myriad of events, and the first class learning opportunities. Performing Arts, fine arts, birding, fishing, farming, just to name a few, are all so educational, enlightening and most importantly fun!  Although we have only been here fewer than 6 months, we feel like we have quickly become a part of the community with everyone being so friendly and welcoming.

We are so excited to be living here.
– Helen and David H.
Hometown – Chicago, IL

We knew we wanted the Lowcountry instead of Florida given the region’s natural beauty, sense of history, mild change of seasons and its multitude of appealing communities.  But, we didn’t want our days to be solely focused on our next tee time or the majesty of their two McMansion clubhouses as seemed to be the case with so many of the other communities we visited.  Yes, they had great facilities but something intangible seemed to be missing for the place we intended to spend these next many years of our lives.

Once we discovered Spring Island we were captivated. Almost immediately we felt emotionally soothed driving through the miles of natural beauty of Live oak canopies and palmetto trees, scenic marshes and ponds replete with bird life and with nary a home to be seen. Sure, there was a wonderful golf course and many appealing facilities.  But, what stood out in sharp contrast to other communities was the passion and commitment Spring Island residents had to preserving the unique physical beauty of the island.

This is a genuine living community where residents actually live here and are not just dropping in for vacations. Our neighbors have multi-faceted interests and encourage continuing curiosity about nature, the arts, weekly Trust talks, and of course the golf, tennis, fishing, equestrian, farming and fitness programs. Even if an activity was not of interest to us it was stimulating to witness the engagement of others. This is a place where we use our minds……in addition to an active physical life.

One could look forever comparing the innumerable golf / retirement communities in the region. But, once you drive across the causeway and experience Spring Island for a few hours it will become clear to you why this place is so special and distinctive.
– John and Jane T.
Hometown – Boston, MA

My husband and I travel the world, but Spring Island is our home. It is the most beautiful, special place I know. As soon as we start across the causeway, I roll down the windows, smell the marsh, look at the beautiful tide, marvel at the egrets and herons. Spring Island truly makes me feel weightless. Tell someone who has never been here that sunrises can be pink, purple, aqua, that sunsets can be yellow, orange, gold, that marsh grass can look every shade from gray to green to deep gold, and that person will stare at you patiently. Summers can be just as magical: warm and sultry, but also clear, breezy, quieter.
– Gail and Roger O.
Hometown – Chevy Chase, MD

My first visit to Spring Island was to play Old Tabby Links with some friends. I was immediately struck by the natural beauty of the place. Importantly, while I am an avid golfer, I was not interested in living in a community which might be dominated by a golf course – Spring Island provides that in spades. There is an amazing array of amenities for such a small number of members.Having been part of this community for almost fifteen years now, what continues to impress me is the interesting array of backgrounds of my fellow members. It is important to note that whatever one has accomplished in life before crossing the causeway to Spring Island is essentially irrelevant. We are all here to enjoy all types of pursuits with little or no fanfare, it is a rare commodity.
– Eugene W.
Hometown – Boston, MA

With our children off to college, and tired of challenging New York winters, we were ready for a change. Frankly, the thought of relocating, after 30 years in our community, was daunting. Would we fit in? How difficult would it be to make new friends? Where could we find a place that suited both our recreational and cultural interests? Then we visited Spring Island—and the “light bulb went off”. We instinctively knew that life here would not be a new challenge—but, rather, the next great chapter in our lives.

To be honest, those first 5 minutes after crossing the bridge had us eyeing each other– saying, “hmm”. The landscape was dramatic and powerful; but was it inviting?

And then I went horseback riding. We spotted the eagle’s nest above the Great Salt Pond. The marsh and Port Royal Sound ran as far as the eye could see—-astoundingly beautiful, powerful, and untouched. It became so clear—Spring Island was one of the most unique and pristine places in America.

The people were the clincher. There is a genuine Spring Island culture. Members are blessed with welcoming hearts, vibrant minds and a terrific sense of humor. A week might be filled with a Trust Talk on global warming, ceramics or photography courses, jazz dinners, or classical music in a favorite neighbor’s living room. Members have diverse interests and perspectives. But the one common denominator is a deep sense of connection to Spring Island and a passion for preserving its history and beauty. This magical place brings out the best in each of us.

We laugh now when we think back about the calls from old neighbors up north who would ask, “How are you adjusting?” It was almost embarrassing to tell them how much FUN we were having—that we were growing, not aging. Between golf, fishing, the clay range, the Native Plant Project, Master Naturalist Classes, biking, and learning Spanish, we arrive home for dinner feeling tired, incredibly happy and genuinely fortunate. Living on Spring Island is a gift.

– Cecily & Jim S.

Hometown – Armonk, NY

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