Spring Island has been described as “a great maritime forest.” Live oaks cast their shadows across the landscape and these imposing ancient trees along with 90 other species thrive – more than three times the number found on neighboring barrier islands. Six hundred types of flora, 700 fauna types, and 19 varieties of soil have also been identified on the island. Surrounded by saltwater estuaries, the island is an ideal setting for both woods and wetlands. There are several saltwater ponds along our shore and dozens of freshwater ponds throughout our forest. Saltwater ponds offer shrimp, crab, oyster, redfish, sea trout or flounder; and fresh water, largemouth bass and bream.
On Spring Island, the views are constantly evolving. The light shifts not only by the season, but by the hour, and the salt marsh is continually changing.
Whether spotting a fiddler crab, a deer, a bald eagle or just another spectacular sunset, you’ll be amazed by this wondrous environment.

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