Thankful for the Spring Island Family

Words by Cris Lamdin

Written by Elizabeth Pawlowski

Spring Island is a unique experience. It is an island that has modernized yet, at times, feels preserved in old world traditions. Spring Island draws us all in through its beauty, its fun, its creativity, and through its unlimited explorations. But what truly makes Spring Island special is not its golf course, art barn, nature, stables and countless activities; it is in fact, all the people behind the scenes who allow us to enjoy the magic of Spring Island every day. I am so moved and humbled by all of those who help make our life easier on the island that I wanted to highlight an experience that shows that we are place unlike any other.

About a month (or so) ago, a friend of mine told me he had to make a trip to Savanah on September 7th. As we currently spend our summers up north, I decided to come down with him, much to the dismay of my bride. She was upset to see me head down south early, but she knew my yearning for Spring Island was in overdrive after 3 months in Yankee territory.

After making flight arrangements, I instantly sent a message off to Pattie. I let her know that we were not going to land until 6:30pm, and I hoped that we could get a reservation for dinner at 7:45pm if it was not too late. Instantly she responded: “how many people will be at your table?”. This seems like it is what you would expect, but the big caveat here was that it was actually Pattie’s day off. She never referenced or even said let me get back to you. Pattie took time out of her own day to make sure that my guests and I were accommodated, without delay.

Unfortunately, on the day of our departure the weather was not on our side – we were to land in a tropical storm. Due to our weather delay, we were unable to get to the Riverhouse until after 9pm. As we pulled up, I was hoping that they would have something, anything in their kitchen still available, as I knew our house had been closed for 3 months – meaning there was close to nothing in way of food.

As we walked through the doors exhausted and hungry, true to form out walked Miss. Vanessa greeting us with the most welcoming smiles and hugs. Her energy – even after a long evening herself – was infections and gave us all a little pep to our step. After we had such a warm greeting from Miss Vanessa, Miss Renata, and Miss Melissa came in right behind. They broke the news to us gently that unfortunately the dining room had closed for the night, BUT, they knew we were coming in late and as my kids like to say “HOT”.

Miss Vanessa unbeknownst to us had asked the kitchen staff to stay. Not only did they agree, but they graciously told us they would cook us anything we would like off the menu. While we waited, Miss Melissa came outside to announce that she knew a certain person loved chocolate and wanted me to know there was one piece of flourless chocolate cake left. I was so taken a back at the continued kindness, but in the end, I opted to decline. I still could not help myself to ask on more favor – where there any cookies left? You see, all my grandkids, kids, and even I talk about are the Spring Island cookies. I had told my houseguests how a simple thing such as a cookie made Spring Island fun.

No sooner had we finished discussing desert possibilities than Dinner walks out with Miss Vanessa and Miss. Renata still wearing ear to ear smiles. My guests were still in awe of the fact that we were treated so kindly by the kitchen with not leftovers, but hot steaming meals of our own choice. Then Miss Melissa walks out of the kitchen with her own bag. She hands this bag over to my house guest and whispers into his ear, “I have found the chocolate chip ones are the best after you nuke them for 3-5 seconds”.

With food in hand we made the drive back to our cottage eager to tear into the delicious smelling food. As I was laying out the mouthwatering food on the table I looked up trying to figure out where the beeping noise I was hearing was coming from. I instantly started chuckling as I watch my houseguest, with bag in hand nuking his Spring Island cookie with the largest grin I have ever seen.

After a wonderful dinner and with full bellies, my house guests kept saying to me that everyone greeted us and treated us like we were family; which is so unusual.

My response: “Not on Spring Island”.

Thank you to everyone behind the scenes who make Spring Island our family, our home, who make it a play-land for all of us, who truly care for each and every one of us, and who treat us like we were in their own living room. Thank you, because without you, Spring Island would not be so unusual!

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